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Keep your operations running while repairs or overhauls are being made with KenzFigee temporary cranes!

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Looking for a temporary offshore crane? The temporary cranes of KenzFigee are modular cranes specifically designed to work as a temporary crane in offshore environments and suitable for a wide variety of applications such as decommissioning, well service, recovery or other specialist equipment installation.

Our modular build system can be installed on most offshore installations within a few days. Delivery is supported with a complete turnkey engineering, installation and project management service. Each crane can be customised to meet specific lifting requirements.

Our temporary cranes for hire can be easily shipped anywhere globally.

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The single boom model has sufficient capacity for general maintenance lifting support. Combined with another single boom into a double boom model, the crane can be hired for use of larger, infrequent well intervention lifting support (reel lift). Footprint is small with a universal deck interface, either welded, bolted or clamped. The crane is capable of off-board lifting in limited sea states. The crane can be mobilized from/to the platform or vessel’s deck in standard ISO offshore containers.


  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Crane operator
  • Tool container


We can supply a single boom crane 6-fall with lifting capacities up to 30 tonnes. The single boom crane can be modified to double boom 2x 6-fall to double the total lifting capacity up to 60 tonnes. For each required capacity, a different configuration is assembled. A main advantage of modular design of crane components.

The crane is built of modular sections, and each part can be lifted by provision cranes (2.5t capacity). Depending on the type of lifting that needs to take place, KenzFigee can provide either a single boom or double boom crane, short boom or extended boom.

These certified cranes are designed and manufactured according to API 2C / EN13852-1 and CE marked where applicable.

Each assembly is supported with structural calculations and load tests, as well as installation and work procedures. Load plans and load-carrying capacity checks of the installation location are also available on request.

Click to download the product leaflet of our temporary offshore crane.

Reliability, durability and client’s requirements  are paramount.


  • Temporary offshore crane
  • Installation time 3-5 days
  • Fits in standard ISO containers
  • Weight 2.5t
  • 6x6m deck footprint
  • Ex rated (Zone 2)
  • Designed API 2C/EN13852-1
  • Boat lifts
  • Remotely operated
  • Single boom: SWL 30t
  • Double boom: SWL 60t

Click here for more specifications.

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