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The GenHook™LT is an electric crane with hydraulic cylinders for luffing, and specifically designed to serve as temporary up-tower crane.



The GenHook™ LT is assembled in 4 parts (lifts) using the Heli-Hook™  crane. Once assembled it has a hoisting capacity of 10 tons to enable generator and gearbox replacements on most 1MW and 2MW range wind turbines.

The GenHook™ LT is designed as Zero-Emission-Crane™, fully powered by the Wind Turbine auxiliary power circuit. As an option the GenHook™ LT can be supplied with a battery pack to increase hoisting speeds. With a battery pack the crane has a hybrid power supply. During lowering, energy is regenerated to charge the batteries. Any superfluous energy can also be fed back into the power circuit of the Wind Turbine.

The GenHook™ LT will be supplied to fit in one standard ISO 40ft container.

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GenHook™ LT

  • Client: Duke Energy
  • SWL: 10 t
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