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Knuckle Boom cranes are especially developed for use on different types of offshore (support) vessels.

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The KenzFigee Knuckle boom crane appears similar to a standard offshore crane, except that the boom mechanism articulates at the ‘knuckle’ near the middle. This ensures that the crane is capable to control and lift the load in a more stable way, also during dynamic seagoing conditions, resulting in higher workability and subsequently safer operations.

Based on proven design, the KenzFigee Knuckle Boom crane is easy to customize in order to fit clients’ requirements. This design has the main hoist rope running underneath the knuckle jib. With its ‘easy to re-reeve’ main boom lift, the hoist rope can be placed over the main boom to handle taller and heavier loads. In addition to this, the main hoist winch can be placed below the deck (also at a later stage), which facilitates deeper operations and better vessel stability. Because of its compact design the deck space utilization is less.


  • Extremely suitable and common on offshore vessels as less deck space is blocked by the crane
  • Boom length 18m to 45m
  • Capacity 50t – 300t
  • Supplied in accordance with all international standards
  • Certified by recognized authorities
  • Workability; long knuckle
  • Foldable knuckle for more clearance under crane in boom rest
  • In contrast to other Knuckle Boom cranes, these cranes can lift tall objects over the main boom
  • Almost no vertical hook displacement during folding of the knuckle
  • Different reeving options
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Reliability, durability and client’s requirements are paramount.



  • Client: POSH
  • Vessels: Mallard & Pintail
  • SWL: 120 t


  • Client: Subsea7
  • Vessel: Seven Vega
  • SWL: 200 t
Seven Vega Knuckle Boom


  • Client: Heerema Marine Contractors
  • Vessel: Aegir
  • SWL: 50 t
Heerema Aegir Knuckle Boom 50t

Testing activities Knuckle Boom crane at KenzFigee premises.

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