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The RotorHook™ is an electric temporary up-tower crane, able to lift and remove an entire rotor.



The RotorHook™ is an electrically-powered crane able to exchange the rotor and the main shaft of wind turbines. It’s assembled from modular parts on the ground and lifted completely in one single lift into a wind turbine nacelle, using the GenHook™ crane.

Like the other up-tower cranes in our range, the RotorHook™ crane is also designed as a Zero-Emission-Crane™. Fully powered by the WTG auxiliary power circuit or a battery pack that can be supplied as an option with the RotorHook™.

With the battery pack the crane has a hybrid power supply, which means that during lowering loads with the hook, electrical energy is regenerated to charge the batteries.  Any superfluous energy can also be fed back into the power circuit of the WTG.

Interfaces for a wide variety of wind turbines can be provided with the RotorHook™ . Normally supplied in one standard 40ft and one 20ft ISO containers.

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RotorHook up-tower crane


  • Client: LiftWerx Canada
  • SWL built: 66 t
  • SWL after upgrade: 80 t
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