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The TeleHook™ is a modular light-weight crane with elements that can be handled and assembled by hand.



An electric hydraulic powered TeleHook™ crane, specifically designed to work as a temporary crane in a wind turbine nacelle, which can be assembled in only two or three parts using the nacelle crane.

The TeleHook™ is equipped with an electrical traction winch suspended from the boom tip with a hoisting capacity of 0,8 tonnes Safe Work Load (SWL). This gives the TeleHook™ sufficient capacity to assemble the larger Heli-Hook™ up-tower cane. Due to the telescopic boom the TeleHook™ is easy to handle and uses less space in the nacelle and container.

The TeleHook™ can also be used to remove yaw drives and roof panels or to perform small component repairs on most rubines in the range of 1.5MW to 5MW

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TeleHook uptower crane
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