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One step ahead, preventing damage and unplanned downtime is key to profitability in any area of business.

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The importance of being able to predict when your equipment needs maintenance is increasing. Being one step ahead, preventing the damage and reducing unplanned downtime is key to profitability in any area of business. Condition-Based Monitoring helps your organization to increase control over operating schedules and minimize operational equipment breakdowns. Condition-Based Monitoring is a tailor made solution and depend on the available measurements and systems.

Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM)
Condition-Based Monitoring is the step forward to Predictive Maintenance. Predictive Maintenance can only be applied when the status (condition) of the equipment is assessed. While monitoring the equipment the analyzing tool will inform the operational team on the condition of the system. By comparing the condition of the system with pre-defined thresholds, warning messages will trigger the operational team to perform maintenance.

Is a CBM solution of interest to you? Contact our specialist or download here our Condition-Based Monitoring product sheet.

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Predictive maintenance
Predictive maintenance utilizes condition monitoring, advanced inspections and data analytics to predict critical crane components or equipment failure. Incorporating predictive maintenance in a KenzFigee service agreement can further optimize maintenance activities, reduce unplanned downtime and improve equipment safety, productivity and life-cycle value. Download here our CBM Ready product sheet.

RAS (Remote Access System)
A tool to reduce downtime and maintenance costs is KenzFigee’s Remote Access system (RAS). RAS enables remote analyses, remote monitoring and remote trouble shooting. It allows information to be processed in real-time by our technical support team and centralization of technical reports and documentation online. Download here the RAS product sheet.

  • Rapid response, 24 hours a day
  • Facilitates bi-directional communication
  • Remote trouble-shooting and preventive measures when required
  • Centralize technical reports and documentation online


Based on vibration measurement on bearings of rotating equipment. The system will acquire data that will be accessible both online (real-time) and offline.


  • Client: BESIX / SEP Rima
  • SWL: 240 tons
  • RAS system equipped
Besix SEP Rima
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