+31(0)75 6810410
+31(0)75 6810410

The robust and reliable KenzFigee cranes and equipment with a long life cycle, are also in great demand in the market as second-hand.



KenzFigee has a solid reputation for supplying robust and reliable cranes and equipment with a long life cycle, even when operating in the most demanding conditions. As a consequence, occasionally requests are received for the purchase or sale of KenzFigee used cranes.

In order to further serve our existing or future clients with their demand, we have listed the currently available used marine cranes and/or offshore equipment manufactured by KenzFigee. And in some occasions we also offer cranes and/or equipment from other suppliers.

Buying used KenzFigee built cranes offer many advantages, like:

  • sale by OEM with full know-how of crane;
  • lower capital investment costs;
  • quick delivery;
  • easy to upgrade & modify to specific requirements;
  • correct and safe installation by OEM;
  • warrantee can be provided upon request;
  • qualified global 24/7 services from the Netherlands and the UK.
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KenzFigee offers a full range of additional services, no matter the manufacturer, like:

  • Inspection
  • Shipment
  • Assembly and installation
  • Special refurbishment or modification
  • Training courses

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at +31(0)75 6810410 or send your request to

Reliability, durability and client’s requirements  are paramount.


  • SWL: 60 t
  • Download specs here


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