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Groundbreaking decommissioning tool for offshore purposes.



Decommissioning projects are complex and multi-disciplinary with each project having its own unique challenges and requirements. Our engineers have the expertise in decommissioning and heavy lift topsides removal, which has enabled us to develop the latest in next generation equipment.


An easy adjustable and modular tooling platform, ideally suited for jacket and wind turbine monopile decommissioning. Subsea cutting equipment requires knowledge and technical expertise for a reliable, efficient and safe solution. At KenzFigee, the engineers have the necessary marine expertise to know what is needed in marine operations.

The modular tooling platform offers the following unique features:

  • Easy adjustable to different pipe diameters, beyond 2.5m,
  • Multiple toolset, easily switchable
  • 360 degrees access around the pipe
  • Positioning in axial direction for accurate positioning
  • Rotation and axial displacement allow for positioning at locations with limited access, like joints with cross braces
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