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The ready-to-use 3D AMC Walk-2-Work (W2W) solution offers a cost efficient and safe W2W vessel solution for clients in the offshore oil, gas and wind industry.

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This W2W solution is an economic solution for especially the renewable energy sector for safe & reliable personnel transfer and easy transfer of tools, generators, etc. to the turbine platform.

The proven Walk-2-Work solution comprises the offshore support vessel ‘Wilson Arctic’ equipped with a KenzFigee 3D ACM gangway system to provide a safe and easy access to offshore structures. The combination of vessel and gangway system has proven itself over the last years and is being used on a variety of projects in the North Sea.

The 26-metre 3D Active Motion Compensated gangway offers unique features, like:

  • 1-ton lifting capability
  • super low docking pressure
  • purpose-built accommodation unit
  • gangway operators (on request)
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