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Creative, innovative and cost efficient up-tower cranes for O&M wind turbine work.

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The design and manufacturing of our up-tower cranes, started as an alternative solution to the problems created by traditional cranes for O&M work on onshore wind turbines. The design is based on operational experiences and in close cooperation with our sister company and worldwide O&M service contractor LiftWerx. This new crane technology for WTG maintenance has been specifically designed to work as a temporary up-tower crane for major component repair in a wind turbine nacelle and are placed on top of a wind turbine.

This alternative solution substantially reduces service risks, costs and time.

Since its introduction in early 2019, this new crane technology has been proven very successful. Based on our extensive offshore experience for decades, we have also developed this new technology for offshore fixed and floating wind turbines.

The up-tower cranes provide many benefits:

  • Safer operations
  • Small carbon footprint
  • Operations in high wind speeds (12 m/s average & 18 m/s gusts)
  • No crop damages  (onshore)
  • Low (de)mobilization costs
  • No crane hardstand required (0nshore)
  • Less costly onshore project delays:
    -> No road permits (2-3 trucks)
    -> No civil works
  • Small footprint at tower base (onshore)
  • Eliminate the need of large mobile or crawler cranes or large offshore a/o jack-up vessels
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KenzFigee designs & builds below up-tower cranes:

TeleHook™ 0.75t yaw drive, roof panel components None (assembled by hand)
Heli-Hook™ 3.0t IMS shaft, gearbox components, roof panel TeleHook™
GenHook™ LT 10t gearbox components, generators, transformers and small components Heli-Hook™
GenHook™ 30t generator, gearbox, blade, transformer, blade bearing Heli-Hook™
RotorHook™ 70t generator, gearbox, rotor, main shaft, main bearing GenHook™
BoxHook™ 85-100t complete rotor assemblies, gearboxes in 4+MW turbine range GenHook™

Watch the video of the GenHook up-tower crane launch.

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