200t Knuckle Boom crane installed on ‘Seven Vega’

KenzFigee’s Service Engineering team has recently completed the installation and Site Acceptance Test (SAT) of the 200t KenzFigee Knuckle Boom crane on board Subsea7’s reel-lay vessel Seven Vega, in Schiedam, the Netherlands.

 This 200t KenzFigee Knuckle Boom crane has been customized with new curves to meet the specific performance requirements of the vessel during operations in seagoing conditions.

 A typical characteristic of the Knuckle Boom type crane is the crane’s capability to control and lift loads in a more stable manner, also during dynamic seagoing conditions, resulting in improved levels of workability and safer operations.

 We wish our client, Subsea7 and Seven Vega crew safe and efficient operations!

Seven Vega Knuckle Boom