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With a history dating back to 1836, KenzFigee has become internationally recognized for its efficient and durable tailor-made lifting solutions.

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KenzFigee wants to be recognized as the best performing supplier and service provider of choice for tailor-made cranes and associated equipment for the marine, offshore and wind energy industry.

Clients choose KenzFigee because we are responsive, solution oriented and constructive to support our client’s challenges. We earn our position in the market by being agile, flexible and innovative.

Our mission is to build on our history of product excellence and technology innovation to provide the highest quality, most reliable and durable products and services to our world-wide clients.

KenzFigee aims to support its customers to increase operational efficiency and to minimize downtime of equipment.

KenzFigee wants to achieve this by developing and expanding sustainable solutions for the industry based on customer interaction.

Brief history & milestones of KenzFigee

  • 1836


    Figee was founded in Haarlem, the Netherlands

  • 1871


    Figee delivered its first steam driven crane

  • 1882


    Figee delivered the first grab crane

  • 1961


    Figee delivered first electrical driven harbor crane

  • 1977


    Merger between Kraantechniek and Kramer & Zwart to become KENZ, which is an abbreviation of Kramer EN Zwart=KENZ.

  • 1981


    KENZ delivered the first four dedicated built offshore boom hoist cranes to Placid Oil in the North Sea

  • 1986


    Figee delivers first floating harbor crane

  • 1987


    First delivery of Ram Luffing type offshore pedestal cranes for Shell Leman platform in the North Sea

  • 1993


    Delivery of first 100t offshore pedestal boom hoist crane with Active Heave Compensation (AHC)

  • 1997


    Delivery of first 250t offshore pedestal boom hoist crane

  • 1999


    Delivery of the world’s largest floating 50t harbor grab crane ‘Nijlpaard’

  • 2001


    Delivery of first 400t offshore boom hoist crane

  • 2003


    2,000m below sea level reached with a redundant AHC system on a 200t boom hoist crane

  • 2005


    KENZ acquires Figee to become KenzFigee

  • 2015


    First motion compensated gangway delivered and installed.

  • 2016


    MeeMaken B.V. takes majority stake in KenzFigee

  • 2016


    First 120t offshore knuckle boom pedestal crane delivered and installed

  • 2019


    Launch and delivery first wind turbine up-tower crane 27t GenHookTM

  • 2020


    Introduction of TotalCareSM next generation equipment care service package.


  • 2020


    Establishment KenzFigee Ltd and opening branch office in Aberdeen, UK.

  • 2022


    Launch & delivery of first offshore rated 30mT GenHookTM up-tower crane

HSE & Quality

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality are paramount to the service, modification and inspection of existing offshore and harbor cranes, but also to the manufacturing and installation of new build cranes and offshore equipment. As such, organizational management is firmly rooted in the policy statement, organizational objectives and constant attention to detail and procedures.

KenzFigee considers its employees essential for the delivery of quality products. Therefore, KenzFigee has been a VCA** certified company since 4 April 1997. Employees who work for the Service or Production department are fully VCA certified. KenzFigee aims to provide its employees with the knowledge to help them to make the right decisions regarding personal safety, the safety of others, the environment and equipment. The most important procedures regarding the Health and Safety of its employees are secured and a part of the Quality Management Manual.

It is KenzFigee’s company policy that personal protection equipment is required to work safely and available at all times for all employees. When working outside the designated safety areas, wearing this protective equipment is mandatory. This also applies to personnel of subcontractors when working for KenzFigee.

Personnel not directly under contract at KenzFigee are required to hold a basic VCA certificate for a minimum of one year and the correct personal protection equipment. To guarantee all of the above, toolbox meetings and work place inspections take place that are in line with VCA** regulations. Monitoring the implementation of these inspections is the responsibility of our QESH department.

In KenzFigee’s company policy the well being of the environment plays an integral role. In case of a comprehensive or a high risk project on location, we’ll make a Task & Risk assessment in advance, where the subject Environment is taken into account. To make sure that the risk of damaging the natural environment during storage of, and operations with oils, lubricants and chemicals (such as solvents) is reduced as much as possible, we make use of drip pans and storage cabins that are specially designed for the storage of these liquids.

The products of KenzFigee can be delivered in accordance with international standards and regulations as set forth by authorities like ABS, DNV and Lloyd’s Register. In addition, KenzFigee is ISO-9001-2015 certified.

Within KenzFigee client expectations and client satisfaction are in line with process control and process optimization and procedures. To ensure the above mentioned topics we organize audits, take care of guidance and critical material and use and control a Non Conformity System for complaints.

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