Another lemniscate crane refurbishment contract

Maja Stuwadoors in Amsterdam awarded KenzFigee a service contract for a complete refurbishment of the boom sections and slewing drives of the 25 tons ‘Cornelis Tromp’ lemniscate harbor crane.

The boom sections of the 1996 Nista built ‘Cornelis Tromp’ lemniscate crane will be dismantled at Maja Stuwadoors and shipped in parts to KenzFigee, where the top section of the upper boom will be reinforced and the three boom sections will be completely checked for defects and repaired or reinforced if necessary. Other activities comprise, among others, addition of a new walkway around the upper arm, complete replacement of the cabin support and overhaul of the slewing E-motors, gearboxes, shafts, bearings and pinions.

After completion of the work the ‘Cornelis Tromp’ will be reassembled at the Maja Stuwadoors location.

It is scheduled that the ‘Cornelis Tromp’ will resume its duties in February 2020 for many more years to come!

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