Conoship & KenzFigee introduce cost efficient transshipment solution

Two ambitious and innovative companies experienced in their own field of expertise: Conoship International (ship design & engineering) and KenzFigee (cranes & offshore equipment design and manufacturing) have teamed up to offer a cost efficient transshipment crane barge combination to meet the specific needs of the dry bulk & break bulk transshipment market.

The Conoship designed transshipment barge provides a safe & efficient vessel for worldwide operation in harbors, inland and coastal waters. The tailor-made design ensures 360⁰ visibility from the office/ control room amidships in accordance with ILO-MLC 2006 regulations. The design guarantees easy access for maintenance of all equipment and structural items whilst providing maximum comfort in modern, durable living quarters and work spaces.
The Conoship barge can be equipped with a choice of two different KenzFigee high capacity heavy duty cranes, specially designed for floating applications: the robust and very popular Lemniscate crane or the recently more cost effective designed BulkbusterTM derrick crane. Both cranes are designed for low maintenance because of its long components lifespan, of which the Lemniscate crane is particularly suitable for high volumes transshipment capacity.

The combination of a safe and efficient barge for worldwide operation in harbors, inland and coastal waters equipped with a robust and reliable Lemniscate or BulkbusterTM crane offer high capacity loading and offloading of ships, whilst maintaining stability and buoyancy of the vessel up to 2.0 meters SWH in coastal conditions.

“Through this collaboration we are able to offer clients an efficient, cost effective and save transship-ment solution with the right balance between operational and capital costs. In addition clients will have the convenience of just one point of contact during the construction process”, says Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO KenzFigee.

Mr. Maarten Sickler, Sales Director of Conoship, comments: “Working together with KenzFigee ensures we will be able to offer a tailor-made transshipment solution.”

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