KenzFigee reports significant commercial and operational milestones of their UK branch.

KenzFigee UK launched in 2020 with the primary purpose to support UK clients who have KenzFigee cranes installed on their assets and as KenzFigee moved into the next era of hybrid energy streams, the company continues to design and deliver cutting edge cranes for the defence, oil and gas and of course now the wind industry.

From the beginning in 2020 we set out to provide the ‘Next Generation’ in service models to support our UK clients. Since then, we have grown our technical capability and delivered on our commitment to service excellence”, comments Barry Stewart, VP UK Operations.

Barry continues: “the energy industry is throwing lots of curve balls at the minute, and we are learning to be agile and innovative. Our team has successfully completed the first live-in-field crane refurbishment on an FPSO, solved wind turbine maintenance challenges, completed engineering studies, and brownfield modifications on mechanical plant. I am genuinely super proud to be working with these guys in the UK team and additionally we are fortunate to have the support of our colleagues in Holland which is collectively technically unsurpassed.”

Barry concludes: “KenzFigee is looking forward to building more client partnerships in 2023 and continuing on our upward commercial and operational curve. Solid trusting work relationships are the basis for success and although it’s not rocket science I need to state once more…it’s all about the People!”