LiftWerx orders another RotorHook™ up-tower crane

KenzFigee is pleased to announce that a contract has been signed with LiftWerx in Canada. This new deal will expand LiftWerx’s existing fleet with another RotorHook™ up-tower crane.

LiftWerx is a specialist in alternative lifting solutions for wind turbine corrective repairs. They co-developed and launched the first GenHook™ and RotorHook™ cranes in 2019. Using this new-generation RotorHook™  crane, LiftWerx intends to expand its capabilities to be able to perform full drivetrain exchanges, rotor drops, and main bearing exchanges on all General Electric 1.X turbine models. RotorHook™  cranes are zero-emission cranes, rated at a maximum lifting capacity of 75 tonnes, and are the most powerful and capable up-tower cranes in the world for wind turbine service work. Delivery of the crane is scheduled for April 2021.

Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO of KenzFigee, says: “We are pleased to see that more and more wind turbine operators are choosing these innovative up-tower cranes for their O&M wind turbine work. Using up-tower cranes eliminates the complexity and coordination of many elements required in traditional O&M wind turbine work. Additionally, they offer many advantages, such as reduction of carbon footprint, lower mobilization costs, and increased safety during operations. We wish LiftWerx safe and successful operations with this new addition to their fleet.”

Glen Aitken, President of LiftWerx, comments: “We are very excited with this decision to invest in another RotorHook™  crane, and are confident that it will be well-received in the wind energy O&M market. We are fortunate to have already signed several new service contracts which will employ this state-of-the-art machine.”

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