With a keen eye for market developments and a focus on innovation, KenzFigee has become a trusted partner in the offshore, marine and energy industries.

Staffed by a professional team with a long track record of designing, modifying designs, calculations and simulations of lifting and hoisting we translate clients’ preferences and wishes from concepts into innovative technical solutions.

KenzFigee is highly flexible in engineering and offers a high level of expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Concept and design engineering
  • Mechanical and structural engineering
  • Hydraulic and electrical engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Manuals and documentation
  • Simulations
  • FEM studies
  • Control engineering

Innovation is part of the KenzFigee’s strategy and at the heart of the organization

Driven from the passion for permanent enhancement of the products KenzFigee manufactures, innovation is essential to ensure KenzFigee’s position as a world renowned supplier in the design, production and maintenance of lifting- and hoisting solutions for the marine, offshore and wind energy industries in the future.

KenzFigee is constantly striving to improve its products and services, including its processes and organization. Innovations opens up new possibilities that broadens the base of the business. This way KenzFigee is able to offer the best possible solution to help to meet their business objectives.

By incorporating innovation as part of the strategy, KenzFigee is committed to being an innovative technology specialist for hoisting and lifting solutions in its defined markets.

  • Rope Actuated Knuckle boom

  • Jacket Leveling tool

    • 900t levelling system
    • 2x 450t levelling units
    • 94″-135″ (2.4-3.4m) pile diameter
    • Clamping by hydraulic cylinder
    • Hotstab connection
  • Sub-sea Cutting tool

    • Easy adjustable to different pipe diameters, beyond 2.5m,
    • Multiple toolset, easily switchable
    • 360 degrees access around the pipe
    • Positioning in axial direction for accurate positioning
    • Rotation and axial displacement allow for positioning at locations with limited access, like joints with cross brace
  • A-frame

    • Subsea load handling
    • Launch or recovery special equipment
    • Capacity up to 400t
    • Girder always in upright position
    • Tailor made acc operational vessel requirements
    • Optional in combination with snubber
  • Leg Encircling crane

    • Offshore construction
    • Light weight
    • Minimum deck space
    • Extreme long boom length
    • SWL: 200 – 2,500 t

    • Offshore

    • Single boom: SWL 30t
    • Double boom: SWL 60t
    • Temporary
    • Winch for luffing and hoisting
    • Slewing electrically
    • Autonomously erected
    • Fully erected
  • Seaspyder

    • 3D PMC cabin transfer
    • Personnel transfer
    • Click here for specifications

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