Custom-made ingenious lifting equipment

KenzFigee has experience in designing and building fit-for-purpose lifting equipment. These systems are a result of ingenious engineering and decades of experience in harsh environments.

  • Pipe handling cranes

    • Client: Spliethoff
    • Removable & automated Gantry cranes
    • SWL 135t
    • Fully electric
    • Adjustable length for handling single or double joint pipe lengths and able to handle multiple pipe dimensions
    • Anti-sway & semi-automatic movement system
    • Redundant power supply to improve reliability and availability
    • Special integrated interface with the hatch cover system to create more loading capacity.
  • A-frame Plough system

    • Client: FUGRO
    • SWL 15t
    • Fully electric
    • Compact & versatile
    • AHC (Active Heave Compensated)
    • CT function reducing power consumption
    • Containerized
  • A-frame

    • Client: Boskalis
    • Ploughs up to 210t
    • Lifting capacity of 250t, without damping system
    • Damping motions in roll, pitch & heave direction
    • Catcher for plough mating and positioning
    • Control system with multiple operation locations
  • Walk-2-Work System

    • 3D ACM (Active Heave Compensated) Gangway
    • 1-ton lifting capacity
    • super low docking pressure on the landing platform
    • free deck space due to X-wing foundation
    • actively compensating 3 functions: slewing, luffing & telescoping
    • redundant power pack (2x 100%)

News & Projects

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    November 27, 2023

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