KenzFigee up-tower cranes are modular and compact, allowing them to fit easily in an ISO container. This eliminates the need for oversized or overweight road permits, as well as the typical caravan of heavy trucks emitting fossil-fuel exhaust.

  • Containerized transport

    Containerized transport

    The compact and containerized up-tower cranes loaded for transport in just one ISO container.

  • All equipment right next to WTG

    All equipment right next to WTG

    A significantly smaller construction area is required, with fewer crews and heavy vehicles. This means a faster repair schedule, less disruption to local terrain and wildlife, plus greater overall workplace safety.

  • Interface bolted to the nacelle

    Interface bolted to the nacelle

    Up-tower cranes are mounted in the nacelle using a wind turbine brand a/o type specific interface. This interface will be bolted to the nacelle to create a stable and safe platform for the up-tower crane.

  • (Assist) up-tower crane lifted

    (Assist) up-tower crane lifted

    Once the interface is mounted the electrically powered 3mT Heli-Hook™ up-tower crane is hoisted by the service crane into the wind turbine to perform small major component exchanges or to function as assist crane for installation of the larger up-tower cranes.


  • Heli-Hook™ lifts larger up-tower crane

    Heli-Hook™ lifts larger up-tower crane

    With its hoisting capacity of 3mT the Heli-Hook™ up-tower crane is here used as assist crane to hoist the larger up-tower crane in parts into the wind turbine for installation on the nacelle mounted interface.


  • Next category up-tower crane lifted

    Next category up-tower crane lifted

    Depending on the nature of maintenance operation, different crane types and capacities may be deployed. Every up-tower crane type is capable of hoisting the next category up for installation.

  • Up-tower crane bolted to nacelle

    Up-tower crane bolted to nacelle

    Up-tower cranes are structurally bolted to the turbine for safe and stable operations, eliminating ground stability issues.

  • Gearbox exchange by up-tower crane

    Gearbox exchange by up-tower crane

    KenzFigee’s compact and lightweight up-tower cranes are assembled quickly on-site to expedite project completion by up to two-days. Standard cranes often require an entire day for set-up before work can start.

  • Lowering Major Component

    Lowering Major Component

    Maximized stability specifically engineered to increase ease and precision of wind turbine maintenance. This extra stability allows safe work to continue in wind speeds up to about 40 miles per hour (18 meters per second), keeping workers safe while projects are kept on schedule and on budget

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