W2W vessel ‘WILSON ARCTIC’ preparing for next job

For the next commitment the 3D Active Motion Compensated (ACM) KenzFigee gangway, with a lifting capacity of 1 ton, installed on the W2W vessel ‘Wilson Arctic’ has been modified at the Esbjerg Shipyard.

The height of the pedestal has been increased with 4.5 meter. The required height to make a proper and safe connection with the 26-meter gangway to the offshore wind turbine platforms.

Together with Esbjerg Shipyard and Grumsen Equipment the pedestal extension has been installed, after which the load test -according to DNV standard- was successfully executed.

After completion the ‘Wilson Arctic’ will depart for Flushing, where a KenzFigee operator/instructor will train the ‘Wilson Arctic’ gangway operators to make sure they are ready to perform the operations safely for the new assignment in the North Sea.

Interested to charter the W2W vessel ‘Wilson Arctic’, contact KenzFigee at: info@kenzfigee.com.

W2W vessel Wilson Arctic
Increased pedestal installation 4.5m