Major Component Exchanges

The use of our up-tower crane technology lowers O&M costs, reduces ground preparation requirements, and increases the working window for these types of maintenance activities by allowing safe operation in wind speeds up to 18 meters per second. Below are some examples of common Major Component Exchanges and/or Operations & Maintenance applications.


The most suitable up-tower crane for a gearbox exchange is our GenHook™ up-tower crane with a hoisting capacity of 30mT. In case you need to exchange gearbox components only, our smaller Heli-Hook™, with a hoisting capacity of 3mT, would be appropriate to perform the job.

The Heli-Hook™ up-tower crane is installed into the nacelle in 1 lift, and the GenHook™ up-tower crane in only 3 lifts. Both up-tower cranes are containerized in just 1 ISO container, and equipped with winches on the boom enabling safe and quick exchange of your gearbox or gearbox components in a very short time.


A generator is typically exchanged with our specially designed 10mT GenHook™ LT or 30mT GenHook™ up-tower crane, the latter of which can also be used for offshore major component exchanges.

Both modular and compact up-tower cranes are transported in just 1 ISO container and lifted in only two or three hoists with the Heli-Hook™ up-tower assist crane. After being bolted to the nacelle these up-tower cranes guarantee optimum stability and safety for a swift exchange operation within hours.


For a safe, swift and efficient exchange of your rotor, main bearing or main shaft the RotorHook™ up-tower crane would be most suitable. First, the rotor & blades are lowered using the 80mT RotorHook™ , and positioned on a rotor stand for easy replacement of the main bearing down tower.

In case the main shaft needs to be exchanged the previous procedure applies, after which the main shaft will be exchanged using the RotorHook™.

Unlike other up-tower lifting systems the KenzFigee up-tower cranes have no winches on the ground, allowing the nacelle to freely yaw at all times taking advantage of the best wind direction. Furthermore, it  also avoids the need to place a winch system beside the tower, eliminating damages to landowner’s crop.


The safest and fastest solution for your wind turbine blade(s) exchanges, is the specially designed GenHook™ up-tower crane with a hoisting capacity of 80mT. After lowering the blades over a 3 o’clock position it will be positioned on a special designed rotor a/o blade stand.

As the GenHook is bolted into the nacelle and uses no complex reeving systems, it guarantees optimum safety and stability.  In addition, all winches are located on the boom and not on the ground like other up-tower lifting systems, which drastically reduces the ground footprint and increases the operational window.


Exchanging a pitch bearing can be performed up-tower using our specially designed 30mT GenHook™ up-tower crane with the assistance of a mobile crane, but can also be exchanged down-tower. In the latter case the rotor including the blades have to be lowered first with our 80mT RotorHook™ up-tower crane.


A yaw drive exchange can be performed with the our smallest up-tower crane, the TeleHook™ and the Heli-Hook™ up-tower cranes with a hoisting capacity of 0.87mT and 3mT respectively.

Both up-tower cranes are installed on the wind turbine itself using the nacelle’s internal service crane, after which they are mounted into the nacelle on specific brand and/or type designed interfaces for a safe and swift exchange of your yaw drive in a couple of hours.

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